December 2009

Deforestation in Madre de Dios makes headlines

One of Lima, Peru´s foremost newspapers, El Comercio, featured deforestation in the Madre de Dios region on the cover page last month.  The article is Spanish only.  Its title translates as "Brutal Deforestation in Madre de Dios."

The planting season has begun

The rainy season is officially underway in Madre de Dios, Peru, and with it our planting season as well.  Today, our first tree seedlings of this year´s planting campaign headed up the Tambopata River.  Our goal for the campaign is 1000 trees of several different species, including spanish cedar (Cedrela sp.) and camphorated moena (Ocotea sp.) among many others. 

Presenting… Camino Verde Heritage Tree Species

In the richness of biodiversity of the Amazon basin, thousands of different species of trees make up the astonishingly varied body of the forest.  For the people who call the Amazon home, certain key trees find their way into daily use and daily conversation as stand-outs in the vast sea of organisms.  Whether for medicine, for timber, or for any one of countless other uses, these trees are woven into the fabric of mythic lore and quotidian utility and represent some of the forest's dearest treasures.